Hemmings 1971 Ford Bronco

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By Daniel Strohl on Mar 16th, 2020 at 8:59 am

Hemming Bronco

No rust, every thing works. 302 V8, 3 on tree works great. Deaver 2&1/2″ suspension lift. 23 gallon tank. Very rare 4 wheel pop-up camper. It has stove, sink, refrigerator, table,couch folds into bed. Dual batteries, one runs camper.

Jay Leno’s custom 1968 Bronco is a 760-hp sleeper

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By Mike Austin on Nov 6th, 2019 at 9:00 am

The 2019 SEMA show is a awash in Ford Broncos. Restored, lifted, modified – whatever the flavor, they’re as ubiquitous as flat-rimmed baseball hats in the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center. So, when Ford shows off Jay Leno’s personal 1968 Ford Bronco, front and center in it’s booth, it must mean the Bronco is played out, right? No, it turns out, not at all. Leno’s Bronco is not only an exercise in tasteful restraint, it’s packing some serious power under the hood. Not bad for a truck once owned by Danny Bonaduce.

The 1980-’86 Bronco was an even greater departure from the original

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By Mike McNessor from July 2020 issue of Hemmings Classic Car

Ford’s squared-off, first-generation Broncos are hot today but, by the early 1970s, they’d lost their edge. The all-new 1973 Chevrolet Blazer, which was larger and more luxurious than the original Bronco, found 44,841 buyers in its debut year, versus 21,894 for the Ford. By 1976, Blazer production soared to 74,389 while Dearborn made just 13,265 Broncos.

The beauty of daily driving an older car

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All photos by Mike Musto

By Mike Musto on Aug 6th, 2020 at 8:00 am

My old cars and trucks keep me on my toes. They keep me grounded in an automotive world that I control and enjoy. Will I be able to drive them forever? Who knows? What I do know is that for now, I plan on putting as many miles on my classic dailies as I possibly can because I fear that one day, driving old cars as a main form of transportation will be a thing of the past. I’m simply not ready for that.

Ford Bronco vs. Jeep Wrangler: The War Begins

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Forget about these so-called truck wars. That’s okay, now that the new Ford Bronco is here, the Michigan-built off-roader is set to encroach on the Ohio-built Jeep Wrangler and its well-earned seat on the off-road throne. It’ll be some time before we can settle this score on the battlefield.

We have a new Page on This

Our Company goal is to purchase one of These when they are available.

We have a 1990 Bronco II already which is a project to need a new restoration.

Ranger Bronco Tire Covers in Stock

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Starting in 1972 the early Broncos could be ordered with the Ranger trim package. It included all the items from the Sport package plus several additional enhancements. Like the Sport, the Ranger was and appearance upgrade only. Rangers could be ordered with the same engines, axles, transmission and other mechanical options found on other Broncos of that year.

The Ranger package included items like full interior color-keyed carpet, quarter panel trim, door trim, dash elements and more. Exterior appointments included unique lower body striping, spare tire carrier and a RANGER spare tire cover.

The Bronco Ranger was a trim package first offered in 1972 as an upgrade to the Bronco Sport package.

Like the Sport, the Ranger was and appearance upgrade only. Rangers could be ordered with the same engines, axles, transmission and other mechanical options found on other Broncos of that year.

  • The Ranger interior included all the items on the Sport model plus a few extras including color-keyed full carpeting. This included the tailgate as well as the wheel housings, which also had vinyl trim above them covering the rear quarter panels. Behind these panels was full insulation. Seats were a combo cloth and vinyl and came in different color combinations including Blue, Green and Ginger. The cloth inserts were a Houndstooth pattern and definitely reflected the 70’s in style. Doors received special trim panels with wood grain accents and cloth inserts to match the seats.  Following through with the color keyed look was a matching painted instrument panel and RANGER emblem on the glove box door.
  • The Ranger exterior built upon the Sport trim. In addition to all the chrome work the Ranger added lower body stripes that ran from front of the front fenders all the way back to the rear quarter panel. This was a thick stripe at the bottom with a thin pin stripe following an inch or so higher. The hood also got a U shaped stripe that followed the raised contour in the sheet metal. The Ranger also included a swing away rear tire carrier and special “BRONCO RANGER” white vinyl spare tire cover.

Bronco Explorer introduced in 1972

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The Bronco Explorer trim package was first offered in 1972, the same year as the Ranger package. Like the Sport and Ranger, the Explorer was an appearance package only and didn’t involve any mechanical upgrades or performance parts. The Explorer was available in two color schemes; Blue Metallic and Copper Metallic.

In addition to the special exterior paint, the Explorer package included side body striping, hood striping and a spare tire carrier with vinyl EXPLORER tire cover. Matching interior appointments including door panels, vinyl seats with cloth inserts and floor mats. There many of these Broncos in Clubs

  • Bronco Explorer exteriors started with special paint; either Metallic Blue or Metallic Copper. Enhancing the paint was a stripe kit with dual triple stripes running down the body. They started at the rear of the rear quarter panel and ran up to just behind the front wheel opening on the front fender. The hood had a stripe to match. If you ordered the Metallic Blue the stripe was white. Metallic Copper Explorers could have either white or tan stripes. On the rear swing away spare tire was a special Bronco Explorer vinyl cover. The wheel covers were chrome.
  • Bronco Explorer interiors were color keyed to match the exterior paint. Metallic Blue exterior paint was matched with a blue interior. The seats were vinyl with cloth inserts with a multi-hue stripe pattern.Metallic Copper exterior paint had a tan interior with the same vinyl and cloth pattern. The color scheme continued with the interior door panels. The upper portion was a simulated burled wood pattern while the lower portion was pleated vinyl to match the paint color. The whole door panel was ringed with chrome trim. The dash was also color-keyed and featured an “EXPLORER” badge affixed to the glove box door. As seen in our photo gallery.

Ford Bronco Sport

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The most common trim package you’ll see on an early Bronco is the Sport. It was offered starting in 1967 so had a longer run then the other trim packages like the Bronco Ranger and Bronco Explorer. Think of the Sport as the base package that other trim packages used to add on to. The true “base” of course was no trim package at all, but the Sport was the most common.
The Sport was an aesthetic package and had nothing to do with performance. It consisted of a lot of “bright” parts, which is what Ford literature used to describe chrome.