Ford Bronco vs. Jeep Wrangler

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Forget about these so-called truck wars. That’s okay, now that the new Ford Bronco is here, the Michigan-built off-roader is set to encroach on the Ohio-built Jeep Wrangler and its well-earned seat on the off-road throne. It’ll be some time before we can settle this score on the battlefield.

The Bronco returns with a manual transmission, optional 35-inch tires, a removable top and doors, and that’s just the start.

  • The 2021 Ford Bronco made its debut tonight looking every bit like the Jeep Wrangler’s worst nightmare, and Ford says dealers will have it next spring.
  • The new Bronco comes with a choice of two engines, both EcoBoost turbos, and in two- and four-door versions.
  • The base two-door starts at $29,995, but with 200 accessories, a desirable Sasquatch off-road package, and a choice of six trim levels with names like Black Diamond and Wildtrak, you’re going to have some choices to make.

Sport will resonate with potential customers. Chances are, though, they’ll be some of the most sought-after vehicles we’ve seen in a while, especially the “regular” Bronco, which will come in two- and four-door versions. How long will you have to wait to get your hands on a vehicle if you place a deposit today? According to Ford, it depends on which Bronco you choose.