Bronc Rider Tire Cover


Bronc Rider Tire Cover

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Bronc Rider Tire Cover

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  • Anti Theft Grommets are available.
  • Includes protective plastic bag for the tire cover easy installation.

Bronc Rider Tire Cover

      Bronc Rider Tire Cover shows a Saddle bronc riding is rodeo’s classic event, both a complement and contrast to the wilder spectacles of bareback and bull riding.

     The event requires strength, but it is as much about style as anything: grace and precise timing are mandatory.

     Saddle bronc riding evolved from the task of breaking and training horses to work the cattle ranches of the old West.

     Many cowboys claim riding saddle broncs is the toughest rodeo event to learn because of the technical skills necessary to master it.

     Every move the bronc rider makes must be synchronized with the movement of the horse. The cowboy’s objective is a fluid ride, as opposed to the wilder and less-controlled ride of bareback riders.

     Among the similarities shared by saddle bronc riding and bareback riding is the rule that riders must mark out their horses on the first jump from the chute.

    To properly mark out his horse, the saddle bronc rider must have both heels on the animal’s shoulders when it makes the first jump from the chute. If the rider misses his mark, he receives no score.

Bull Riding

       While bull riding is billed as the sport’s most dangerous event because injuries typically are more serious, bareback riding is the hardest on a rider’s body during the eight second ride, said Dallas’ Tandy Freeman, the medical director of the Justin Sports Medicine Program, which is providing treatment for competitors at the Stock Show and Rodeo.

Bareback riding

     Bareback riding, with the equipment that they use today, they’re basically putting themselves in a position where from their hand, all the way up to their neck, and then all the way down their spine and even above the neck, into their head, they’re basically putting themselves through G-forces that you don’t see to the same degree in the other events and it occurs every time that they got on



image of bronc rider tire cover on a jeep large

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