Camper & RV Small Trailer Plain Tire Cover


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Camper & RV Small Trailer Plain Tire Cover


    Camper & RV Small Trailer Plain Tire Cover This spare tire cover is designed to fit smaller spare tires and is ideal for Pop-UP campers, boat trailers and small travel trailers.   It is a Universal Fit tire cover, manufactured in 2 basic sizes that together will accomodate from 19″ through 24″ diameter tires.

Available in 2 Universal Fit sizes:
SMALL – fits 19″ to 21″ diameter tires
LARGE – fits 22″ to 24″ diameter tires

It is made of medimun-weight black vinyl that will last for many years, as opposed to other lower-grade, light-weight covers that would deteriorate quickly.   It has a strong draw-chord to secure snug fit.

Since it is available in 2 Universal sizes, BE SURE TO SELECT THE PROPER SIZE TO FIT YOUR TIRE DIAMETER BELOW.  Or, type your tire ID Number located on the sidewall of your spare tire (such as C78-13ST or 185/80D13) into the *COMMENTS* BOX during our check-out procedure.

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15 Small Travel Trailers

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 Tire Covers Advantages

Select 26″-37″ Tire Covers.
  Includes Installation and Care Guide.
    In Stock, Condition New- Normally ships in two days.
    Anti-Theft Grommets,  Security Cable & Lock are Available.
        90 Day Warranty on Materials and Workmanship.
        Includes Protective Tire Cover Liner for Easy Installation.
      Its elastic tie down provides an easy fit while the heavy gauge vinyl material ensures long term use, providing the perfect way to show your Jeep pride when you’re on the go.


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